Who Am I?

I am Yin Yan (阎寅), a Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering Department at SUNY Buffalo. My research interest lies in the intersection between the operating system and programming language runtime. My research project, RTDroid, is about to enable real-time capability on Android platform, you can find more details on my thesis page.

Rather than a researcher in computer science, I prefer to identifying myself as a programmer. I explore new techniques and different solutions for problems encountered in my research and study. I enjoy the process of learning a new technique or finding a solution for a particular problem. However, the most exciting part of my research is to trace the rationale behind the solution or the technique, i.e., the reason why certain solution works or better than others, or certain technique is needed. This blog documents this process.

What Is This Blog About?

There are three types of articles on my blog, 1) technical notes documenting solutions for various problems that I have met during my research and work; 2) study summaries of my learning process, 3) misc articles, everything else goes here.

Other Activities in My Life